Current Courses

ENT 451 Insect Physiology

3 credits (Spring of even years)

This is a 3 credit 400-level course that will cover broad and fundamental topics in insect post-embryonic development and physiological systems such as the nervous system, reproductive systems and communication systems. By the end of the course, students should be able to describe specific insect physiological processes in insects, explain basic molecular mechanisms underlying specific physiological processes in insect, and describe current research in insect physiology.

ENT 812 Insect Molecular Biology

1 credit (Spring of odd years)

This is a 1 credit graduate seminar course that offers an introductory course to molecular entomology and the tools used in insect molecular biology. Course will discuss recent papers and offers a hands-on (virtual) approach to designing experiments involved in insect molecular biology. This course is recommended for students studying entomology, nematology, or other agricultural sciences with little or no background knowledge of molecular biology.

ENT 812 Insect Chemical Ecology

1 credit (Fall of odd years)

This is a 1 credit graduate seminar course that will examine the roles of chemical compounds in insect biology. This course will be a survey of broad topics in insect chemical ecology including insect pheromones, perception of chemicals, mating disruption, host-plant chemical interactions and chemicals used for insect control. Guest lectures by experts in the Department of Entomology

Previous Courses

ENT 851 Insect Physiology and Molecular Biology

3 credit (Fall of even years)

This is a 3 credit graduate course offering advanced topics in insect physiology and molecular biology. Last offered in 2018. This course is now spilt between ENT 451 Insect Physiology and ENT 812 Insect Molecular Biology

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