Lab Members

Henry (Hock Wee) Chung, Assistant Professor

dsc01338a Born in the sunny island nation of Singapore, Henry received his PhD from The University of Melbourne and went on to do a postdoc at University of Wisconsin-Madison before coming to Michigan State. He is driven by understanding how life works at the molecular level. Despite many years in the midwest, Henry is still not used to subzero temperatures and looks forward to summer every year.
Faculty profile

Jian Pu, Research Associate
Jian received his Ph.D. in 2016 from Nanjing Agricultural University.

Zinan Wang, Ph.D. student
Zinan received his Master’s degree in Entomology from Louisiana State University in 2017 and did his undergraduate studies in Beijing Forestry University in China. He will be joining the lab in Fall 2017.

Mei Luo, Visiting Ph.D. student
Mei is a visiting Visiting Ph.D. student from Jiangxi Agricultural University in China. She is funded by the China Scholarship council (CSC) and will be joining the lab in Fall 2017.

Caitlin Peffers, Undergraduate
Caitlin is an undergraduate entomology major.